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EVO Energy



Develop a branding identity for a fictional energy company called”Evo.”


Evo is a company that provides clean renewable energy including solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass. After doing extensive research, I found that most energy companies tend to have a similar dull look and feel, so I wanted to give Evo a more modern and colorful design to emphasize their goal of “powering tomorrow.” I chose a bright green as their primary color to evoke feelings of energy and hope for a better future. I also decided to use the circle from the logo as a brand motif that can be used in their branding and ephemera, which will aid in giving Evo an iconic and memorable look.

Learning Outcomes:

Developing a brand identity that is able to accurately represent the brand’s beliefs and goals.


Research, concept development, advertising, identity design, ephemera, and print design.

Artboard 1_4x.png
Artboard 3_4x.png
Artboard 2_4x.png
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